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To Hang Toy Hammock

Toy hammock – You can make your own toy hammock by mesh or mesh. Fishing nets can often found at hobby. And craft shops as well as at import stores like Pier One or World Market. You can also find them online. If you’d rather use a mask, you can buy mesh fabric at the yard at most drug stores. Cut a net or yarn into a rectangle that is slightly longer than you would like for a hammock. You need extra length to make the tied ends. Just assemble mesh / netting together at each end and tie a knot.

Jumbo Teddy Toy Hammock

Jumbo Teddy Toy Hammock

A toy hammock is a nylon mesh or mesh carrier that holds stuffed animals or toys. It’s a simple and affordable storage solution. That reduces root and opens up the floor or shelf space in the children’s room. Generally, toy hammocks are hung in a corner of a room with two or three joints and mounting hooks. Usually the store includes the mounting hardware when you buy a toy hammock. Instructions to hang toy hammock: Starting with determine where you want toy hammock. Measure the same distance from the ceiling on each wall several feet from the corner.

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Measure down from the ceiling to a point in the corner as well if the hammock has 3 hooks. Mark the placements with a pencil. Double-check the location. Keep hammock on each end that the holes are properly spaced apart. If the holes are too far apart, the hammock will not sink enough to hold the elements. If the holes are too tight, the hammock can sink too far down and press furniture. Drill pilot holes in marked spots. Remember to check the size of the brackets corresponding to the size of your drilled hole. Twist in the party hooks. Check hooks facing upwards and mood secure.

On the hooks loops connected to the net, hang the toy hammock. Add stuffed animals and toys. Tips and warnings: If the fastening hooks are not sure, you may need anchor screws to attach hooks more firmly to the wall. Read the hammock instructions for detailed information on mounting it safely. Do not hang the toy hammock too close to the ceiling. Or you may have trouble getting toys and stuffed animals out. Check the weight limit on the hammock and the tank must not overfilled. If you put too much weight, it can pull out hooks and damage the wall.

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