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Personalized and Creative Painted Nightstands

Creating a personalized and creative space is not a simple task in these times than mail, but there are a couple of tips that will make our home stand out for its originality. The hand painted nightstands is among others a fantastic option to bring our personal touch. Here, we offer you the most original ideas and advice together with the widest range of products and articles for your home with the seal of quality of the leading decoration firms. Enter a world of inspiration with the best solutions as well as branded products at the best price.

Chalk Painted Nightstands

Chalk Painted Nightstands

There are times when old furniture falls into our hands that draws our attention in a special way. They may be abandoned pieces in a money-changer to which no one gives any value. Or they may be very outdated or their appearance a disaster because they are old and run down. However, there is something that tells us they have possibilities. That’s what the DIY project teaches us today: recycling a bedside table with chalk paint is possible and easy.

24 Inspiration Gallery from Personalized and Creative Painted Nightstands

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Image of: Chalk Painted Nightstands

In the case of hand painted nightstands, it happens like when we paint a picture. We have the white canvas before us and the result depends solely on our creativity and the direction we want to give our work. So, we can get any style for our bedside table. Boho style: in addition to hand-painted bedside tables, this style is predominant in all types of wooden furniture. For this you will have to choose an ethnic pattern to follow and it will appear that you have found the piece in an Arabic souk. Classic finish: another possible solution for hand-painted bedside tables is the classic style. This way we can rescue the old part of our grandmother’s house and give her a new opportunity. Some colors that lend themselves to a classic finish are white, black and beige.

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There is a style that captures most of the campaigns of other products decoration fashion shows: the vintage. Here’s a tip for hand painted nightstands in vintage style. Your best friend here is going to be chalk painting. This dye solution gives all surfaces a very characteristic matt and glossy finish. That also gives the furniture the sensation of being powder. And its pastel colors combine perfectly in a vintage or retro style . Best of all, you will not need to sand or polish the hand-painted bedside tables before you apply the chalk paint. But you can get down to work right away.

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